Paleo eyes pet food market with its myoglobins


Paleo eyes pet food market with its myoglobins

15 december 2023

• Paleo announces patent application for precision-fermentation myoglobin to be used in pet food
• The start-up is exploring the potential of their ingredient to enhance palatability in plant-based pet food
• After promising results from human food applications, the company now seeks partnerships to explore full potential of the solution in pet food products

Belgium-based leading biotechnology start-up Paleo, dedicated to improving the taste profile of plant-based foods, has published a patent application for the use of their non-animal derived precision fermentation myoglobin, eyeing the pet food market. Paleo’s animal proteins provide a solution to businesses producing meat alternatives by offering the authentic taste, aroma, appearance, and nutritional attributes of both fish and meat, all without utilizing any actual animals.

Through their proprietary precision-fermentation process, they produce myoglobin protein ingredients which are 100% bio-identical to animal derived equivalents. Their technology is extremely versatile and can unlock GMO-free, highly tailored heme, responsible for the meaty taste and smell, as well as the characteristic browning acquired by meat during cooking.
Tests conducted on human food have confirmed that minimal inclusions of Paleo’s myoglobin can successfully and significantly increase vegan and plant-based foods’ palatability. With growing global demand for vegan and plant-based pet food and an increasing relevance of sustainability as a key purchase driver for pet food shoppers, the start-up is now exploring the pet food market to research applications of their precision fermentation myoglobin.

Paleo’s ingredient is poised to fill an important market gap in the segment of palatants, offering a solution with the potential to exactly replicate the natural flavor profile of animal-based protein sources pets are familiar with, increasing acceptance and facilitating the transition from animal-inclusive to plant-based foods.

Hermes Sanctorum, CEO of Paleo notes: ‘’The vegan market projected growth is significant, but still faces challenges that are similar to the ones we have seen in human food: taste and olfactory experience is critical to increase acceptance of plant-based options. We believe that Paleo’s ingredients have the potential to address this taste gap and exponentially help drive palatability’’.

It seems Paleo’s patent application for the use of its myoglobins in petfood is the first of its kind to be filed and published. “We are now reaching out to petfood manufacturers who are interested in possible inclusion of our myoglobins and in working together to develop pet food applications,” adds Sanctorum.

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