Find out what people ask us most, or feel free to get in touch!


Find out what people ask us most, or feel free to get in touch!

Why are you called Paleo?

The story of meat goes long back and is deeply embedded in human culture. At Paleo, we deliver the authentic taste of meat and fish that people have been accustomed to and fond of for ages.


“Paleo”, referring to the age of our prehistoric ancestors, brings us back to the very roots of that story. We offer the same taste that people have enjoyed from that very beginning, but we also offer a different story. We no longer hunt or breed. Now, we brew.

What do you do?

As a food tech startup, Paleo is rewriting the story of meat and how it is produced. Using a yeast platform, our company has developed a portfolio of heme proteins (i.e. myoglobins) that are completely identical to the proteins found in actual animals and their meat.


By providing precision-fermented ingredients that replicate the taste, color, aroma, and nutrition of meat and fish, we enable food companies to create meat and fish alternatives that people crave, without using actual animals and with a far lower environmental impact.


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What is precision fermentation?

Cheese, bread, beer, wine… All delicious products made by fermentation. This technology used for over 10,000 years relies on micro-organisms to produce food with improved taste, digestibility and shelf-life.


At Paleo, we combine modern precision biology techniques with the age-old fermentation process. In essence, we teach microorganisms, in our case yeast cells, how to produce large quantities of bio-identical animal heme proteins.


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What are heme proteins?

Heme proteins – such as our myoglobins – are proteins naturally found in muscles, hence in meat and fish.


An atom of iron bound to the heme group in these proteins helps transporting oxygen inside muscle cells. The red color of raw meat and the brown roasty color of cooked meat is caused by this heme iron. Heme proteins are also an excellent source of iron in human diets. This is because heme-iron is absorbed much easier than free iron.


Our heme proteins are bio-identical to those found in meat and fish. And our heme iron is as bio-available as heme iron of animal origin.


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Do you really make mammoth meat?

At Paleo, we can brew the heme proteins of any animal, even a million-year-old mammoth.


Producing heme proteins from an extinct species serves as the ultimate proof that there is no more need to hunt or breed. It also showcases that we are indeed continuing an age-old tradition of eating meat, as this species was once consumed by our hunter-gatherer ancestors.


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Are Paleo products GMO-free?

Our myoglobins are free of GMOs thanks to our proprietary precision fermentation process allowing for extracellular secretion of our product. This truly sets our company apart.


We use yeast as a processing aid to produce our heme proteins, and then cleanly separate them from the final product.


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What is the impact of Paleo proteins on the environment?

Precision fermentation uses only a fraction of the land, feedstock, energy and water required for animal farming, while emitting far less greenhouse gases. No need to use toxins, antibiotics or hormones.


Our Life Cycle Assessment shows that myoglobin is an important lever for increasing the acceptance and demand for meat alternatives, by making them taste the way consumers expect. The additional environmental footprint of adding myoglobin production is negligible.


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Where can I find Paleo products?

As a B2B company, we provide our highly pure heme proteins as food ingredients to manufacturers of meat and fish alternatives across the globe.


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When will your first products be available?

Paleo’s heme protein range is in an advanced development stage and will be available for manufacturers shortly.


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