Grand Opening of Paleo’s new R&D Center


Grand Opening of Paleo’s new R&D Center

25 january 2024

  • Precision-fermentation start-up Paleo officially inaugurates its new R&D Center in Leuven, Belgium.
  • Equipped with larger laboratory facilities (500m2+), this new base prepares the company for future growth.
  • It will accommodate a growing staff (20+), while the company also welcomes new key leadership positions.


“We’re off to a great start in 2024 with the launch of our new R&D Center in Leuven,” says Hermes Sanctorum (CEO) during Paleo’s Grand Opening Event. As a growing company with significant ambitions, the new facilities prove to be crucial for Paleo’s operations. “Having started the company a little over three years ago with my business partner, we have now multiplied our workforce by more than tenfold.”

Paleo achieved several significant milestones in the past year, says Sanctorum (CEO): “We secured an additional €12 million in capital in 2023, opened an office in Singapore, and announced plans to venture into producing precision-fermented animal heme proteins for the pet food sector.”

2024 announces itself as another pivotal year for Paleo. While the expanded laboratory facilities signify a significant step toward the scale-up and commercialization phase of the company, the leadership team also requires expansion. “To achieve our new objectives, we are bringing in key figures from the broader industry to join Paleo’s leadership team at the start of this new year,” says Sanctorum (CEO), referring to the recent arrival of a Chief Business Officer in charge of Paleo’s emerging commercial team, as well as the upcoming arrival of a Chief Technology Officer responsible for scaling Paleo’s technological invention.

Following the launch of their new R&D Center, Paleo reveals intentions to gear up for another round of investments. “Impact requires capital. In the near future, we will extend a renewed invitation for investors to join us on our journey. Preparations for this upcoming funding round will start this year,” concludes Sanctorum (CEO).

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